Sanjay Suri: With success comes a bit of isolation

Actor Sanjay Suri, who has been a part of the industry over the last two decades, says that actors should try and get along with each other on the sets of their films.

He says that this can only happen when people leave the “burden of their achievements” behind when they are on the set.

“What happens is that you have a lot of perceptions and when the walls become higher and thicker, then you are not allowed to be natural. Or you feel that your space is invaded. For example, you can’t expect a star to be sitting out on the road. But I feel that if you work and get along without the burden of your achievements, then you can connect and interact every easily, like you do on a train journey,” he told IANS.

However, he says that one should not build walls around oneself.

“But when you build walls around yourself or are not accessible. Then it becomes like first class travel where you don’t talk and are expected to be silent. I think with lots of success comes a bit of isolation,” he says

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