Sanjay Suri in Ekta Kapoor’s Dev DD

Will play the male version of Chandramukhi in the web series

Sanjay Suri, best known for his roles in Jhankaar Beats and My Brother Nikhil is all set to step into the shoes of Chandramukhi, metaphorically, in Ekta Kapoor’s web series Dev DD. It is a bolder and feminine version of the classic story written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and Sanjay gives a masculine twist to the character of Chandramukhi.

“Yes, it is the male version,” laughs Sanjay adding that when he was approached for the role, even he wondered what his character would be playing as the original Chandramukhi is a courtesan. He says, “My character Anurag completely breaks the notion of Chandramukhi, but the essence is retained and the importance remains the same. It’s a complex character, yet very intense. Anurag is not always at the receiving end in the story, which is contemporarised.”

He explains that some natural characteristics that come with being a man will seep into the character and give another layer to it. “How this guy comes into contact with the protagonist Devika is different, his trajectory is different,” he adds.

Unlike in the films where Chandramukhi’s past is unknown, Anurag’s past will be explored. He says, “Everything seems right in his life, he ticks all the boxes, but he is carrying certain baggage. There are some things in his life that he prefers to keep at the back of his mind, but those come to his mind when he meets some people (read Devika). He is a mix of strong and weak and becomes an important part of the protagonist’s life.”

The actor says shooting for web series is more liberating as an artiste. “Though the grammar is pretty much the same for a film and web series, here the narrative becomes edgier. When you are shooting for a film somewhere it becomes restricted because you have the burden of the release — how difficult or easy it will be — and the subjects you can touch upon in the current environment. On the web, it is more democratic, you can explore characters which you would not easily touch upon in a film. Language is not a barrier. Writing is different since the attention span is shorter for this audience and the plot points are changed,” elaborates Sanjay.

The series to be streamed on Alt Balaji is directed by Ken Ghosh.

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