Sanjay Suri: A hug does more than what words can do

Actor Sanjay Suri plays a professional cuddler in a new short film. He says that in the testing times that we living in over for past few months due to the global pandemic, the human touch of comfort has become crucial.

Titled “Call Him Eddy”, the film also features Eisha Chopra.

“A hug does more than what many words can do. During such trying times when people could not even see their loved ones, losing them forever is a huge price to pay, only to realise how important a comforting touch can be. ‘Call Him Eddy” brings out an emotion that emoticons cannot justify!” said Sanjay.

He added: “At a time when the virtual world has deeply impacted human relationships and communication, a script like this was offered to me. For me it was, ‘love at first read’. I remember telling the director that this film must be made with or without me. I am fortunate that I got to play Eddy.”

His co-actor Eisha Chopra said: “I have always felt human touch was one of the most basic needs a person needs to thrive and survive. Even a small moment of affection can heal and release years of baggage. So, when (director) Sanjeev (Vig) offered me this role, I didn’t need to read the script, because it reflected everything I believed in. Strangely, this year we’ve all had to experience this in a way that we never had imagined.”

“Call Him Eddy” dropped on the digital platform of Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films and on YouTube.

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