‘Mona Darling’ is not erotic thriller: Sanjay Suri

Sanjay Suri, who was last seen on screen in ‘Shorgul’, will next play a college Dean in upcoming film ‘Mona Darling’.
Sanjay, who has also produced award winning films like ‘My Brother… Nikhil’, ‘Sorry Bhai!’ and ‘I Am’, finds it a demanding job as a producer has to look after every process related to a project. “It makes a huge difference when you are producing a film because as an actor, you just do your job and leave. But as a producer, you are involved in everything, especially in independent productions,” Sanjay told.

“It’s far more demanding when you are producing and acting in the same project,” he added.

 Talking about ‘Mona Darling’, Suri said, “I was looking forward to doing a thriller and Anshuman (Jha) and I had worked together in ‘Chauranga’. So during the shooting of that film, one day he brought Shashi Sudigala (director of ‘Mona Darling’) to my office to talk about ‘Mona_Darling’,” Sanjay said.

“I found the script of the film extremely engaging and liked my part. It is a whodunnit type thriller. I wouldn’t call it an erotic thriller,” he added.

Set in the contemporary, post-cyber world, ‘Mona Darling’ is a whodunit that tells the story of a college campus where a few mysterious deaths occur and the only common link between the victims is that, seconds before their deaths, they all accepted a Facebook friend request from a certain profile page of “Mona Darling”.

Talking about his upcoming projects as a producer, Sanjay said: “My next film as a producer is also a thriller, titled ‘My Birthday Song’. Directed by Sameer Soni, it will be a psychological thriller. I have also acted in that film.”

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