My visit to Skipton,Yorkshire, UK

Walking , exploring , breathing fresh air in lovely Skipton, Yorkshire, UK.  Shall keep adding images as i explore more in the next few days. The rich heritage, history and character of the place is admirable. #Travel #TravelDiaries #UK #Skipton #Explore #Tourism #Heritage #Culture #Architecture #Nature

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All photographs taken on my phone and not an iPhone! Beginning to wonder whether i am missing a DSLR or not…maybe not !

8 thoughts on “My visit to Skipton,Yorkshire, UK”

  1. Shaista n khan

    Beautiful desrination

    • Shaista n khan

      Beautiful destination….amazing views….

      • Sanjay Suri


    • Sanjay Suri


  2. Mudita Antara

    The magnificence of Nowness! The same light playing as crisp views, reflections and shadows (creating poetry). Thank you for sharing.

    • Sanjay Suri

      🙂 glad u liked it

  3. Ruchika Suri

    Sir I live in Glasgow , please visit us, would love to meet you

    • Sanjay Suri

      Have to visit Glasgow someday. Unfortunately not this time.

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