Script…Director…. Producer…. Presenter!

It’s almost like a 4×100 meter Hurdle relay!

A friend made a good film and now he is looking for someone to present his film. Someone who can hold his hands and lead his film to a successful release with or without investing funds into the release. His first crucial 300 meters of the race is over with solid determination, grit and confidence BUT now at the last stretch he is running out of breath because the first 300 meters he was in the company of like minded people full of creative synergy and a common goal! The film must get made come what may! But now…the last 100 meters he is confronted with another world that he couldn’t foresee , the world of numbers, Excel sheets and Muscle.

So he must hunt for a Presenter!

I asked him, “but you have a finished film, why do you need a presenter?”
Friend: “Someone with a name will help me market the film”.
I said ,” you mean will he put in the monies required for the marketing & distribution of the film” ?
Friend: No! Just a name so that it gets credibility and gets noticed.
I replied ,” Credibility!!! But u have a credible film…which will get noticed anyhow ”
Friend: If a name gets attached people will notice it or they wont pay any attention to it. Such is the state of affairs.
I said but its a good film and rest shouldn’t matter .
Friend looked a bit low and said, “You know what I am talking about”.

I exactly knew what he was talking about….had a feeling of Deja vu. Had gone through the same feelings during “My brother NIKHIL” and “I AM”

I remained silent.

He continue and said no one would write about it …
Media may not even notice it …
I wont have those people supporting me who supposedly matter or who get covered …
In fact they wont even come to watch my previews if I don’t have a credible presenter…so its not gonna work.

I heard him and remained silent.

Now he is at a stage when he needs to depend on One or Two such names that will raise curiosity about the film so that his film can get into peoples mind space and also some space in media which will help him to create the visibility that he desires unless he has the energy to say, “I don’t care and I am gonna go ahead anyways!”.

Nothing wrong with finding that hand that will help him cover this last painful 100 meter stretch of the hurdle… BUT BUT BUT….!!!

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