Morning Reality where Realty is more than Rs.20k/sqft.

A story can be described with just a single visual and many a times the visual is far more influential than a lot of text.

These images are the truth of our everyday life and hard reality, bitter truth for these people. I don’t have text for it and neither do I have a solution but I want to find one so that their morning is a Good Morning too.

Let’s do something.

Note: The images have been blurred on purpose.


Goodmorning Versova ?

2 thoughts on “Morning Reality where Realty is more than Rs.20k/sqft.”

  1. Sanju Bajwa

    INCREDIBLE INDIA!………..India in dire need of good leadership which can make Her incredible in reality not in words.

  2. pratyush soni

    Hi Sanjay Bhaiya ,

    Very difficult to find a solution for them.I am not sure whether any charity event to get some money or can help them in someway.?Can use movable toilets like the one people use in westren countries in case of big events .Not sure that will help or not.?As for that again the problem is regular funding…..hmmm for funding … can make a website where people can donate money and that can be used for this purpose.
    Very big problem.
    DO u have anything on your mind which can be practically implemented..? app bhi kaise kaise difficult situations la ke khade ker dete ho ..hmm

    Pratyush Soni

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