Who’s taking up Sanjay’s time?

There’s someone who’s taking up quite a bit of actor Sanjay Suri’s time these days.

Nahin, nahin, we are not talking about any new babe here. The person concerned is Sanjay’s two-year-old son, Aryaveer. Talking about his little one, the proud father says, “Life has changed so much post fatherhood. I’m enjoying every bit of it. It’s an awesome feeling to see your son grow up in front of your eyes. When I’m not shooting or busy with production work, I make sure to spend most of my time with him. And I’m just loving it. I don’t want to miss out on his growing up years and regret it later.”

Any special reasons for choosing such an uncommon name as Aryaveer? “I named him Aryaveer because I wanted his name to sound similar to my father’s name Virenderveer.”

So, is the little one already into watching his father’s films? “No, no. We don’t even encourage him to watch TV. He likes listening to music. Besides, he simply loves to play. Although he’s too young to play a serious sport, he loves kicking the football around and running behind it,” Sanjay says.