Taking a ‘sensible’ step

Sanjay Suri says he will not do a film that challenges his sensibility and so projects like Tom, Dick and Harry are not his cup of tea

After the success of My Brother Nikhil, the team of Sanjay Suri and Onir are back with their latest flick Sorry Bhai. This is the second film that this actor is co-producing with Onir.

Speaking about his friendship with Onir, Sanjay says, “Onir and I fight and argue a lot but we respect each other’s professional and creative space.”

Sorry Bhai has also been in the news for being Chitrangada Singh’s comeback film after her last film Kal – Yesterday and Tomorrow in 2005.

Talking about acting with her, Sanjay says, “Some actors are selfish. But Chitrangada is not like that. She acts with you. From a co-star’s point of view, she, as a person, is easy-going and professional. And from a producer’s point of view, she is a pleasure to have on board.”

That apart, Sanjay’s nine-year-old career has not been going great guns. But he defends himself saying, “I have five films coming up and without a sleeper hit, I’m doing different kinds of roles that are being offered to me. Though I feel under-utilised, I feel I’m the only actor who has worked with 17-18 new directors in my 21-22 films. It’s difficult for an actor to do that because it’s a risk that you take.”

Sanjay likes sensible films like Dil Chahta Hai and Jhankar Beats and detests vulgar comedies.

He says, “I wouldn’t do any movie that is regressive or any movie that challenges your sensibilities or any movie where the whole concept is outdated. For example, I would never do a movie like Tom, Dick and Harry.”