Sanjay wants ‘I Am’ premiere in Kashmir

Sanjay Suri came to Bollywood many moons ago, but the Kashmiri Pandit in him could never let go of his attachment to his childhood days in Jammu & Kashmir.

And now that one of the stories in Sanjay’s next “I Am” focuses on the emotional turmoil of Kashmiri Pundits, the actor wants to hold a premiere in Kashmir for it. When Sanjay came for his friend Anita Dogre’s show at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashon Week (WFW), he shared these plans with us and said, “I want to hold a premiere in Kashmir because it’s a very significant place for me.”

Although the main premiere will be held in Mumbai in all probability, Sanjay hopes to be able to hold a premiere in Kashmir within days of the movie’s release. He said, “I have already sent feelers to a few important people and friends in Kashmir and I’m really hoping that I’d be able to take this movie there. Of course I am associated with the movie as a producer and as an actor, but as someone who has stayed there, I would want the people to see this movie and understand the message in it.”

While Sanjay was shooting the movie in Kashmir earlier, he and the cast had met up with Omar Abdullah too and had discussed the movie with him. Says Sanjay, “He and I were briefly in the same school, and then after being able to shoot the movie peacefully in the valley, we had met to thank him.”