Sanjay Suri’s heart bleeds for Kashmir

New Delhi, Dec 27 : Emphasising that ”GenNext” needs to connect with the cause of Kashmiri Hindus, Bollywood actor Sanjay Suri today said his generation might be the last whose ”heart bleeds” for Kashmir.

Speaking at the Panun Kashmir Foundation Convention here, Suri, who himself is a Kashmiri Hindu, said, ”If next generations do not learn about our culture, our history, our belongings and connect with the cause, there will not be anyone to raise voice for us and I am afraid that the cause will die.” He appealed to all the Kashmiri Hindus to educate their children and make them aware of their culture and that they belong to Kashmir.

”Once we are broken, we will never be able to go back to where we belong to,” Mr Suri warned.

Former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan G Parthasarthy was also present among the distinguished guests at the Convention.

Amid apprehensions about worsening situation in Kashmir, Mr Parthasarthy said, ”India is not a fragile state. We have shown a lot of resilience in face of terrorism.” He stated, ”Kashmir is not a cause of our problem with Pakistan but a symptom of our problem with the neighbour.” Saying that Army, as an institution, is very dominant in Pakistan which throws a difficult challenge to India, he opined that India needs to develop its internal structure so strong which can deal with any challenge and the leadership should think on the lines of giving fitting diplomatic reply to the enemy.

Commenting on the presence of strong separatists in the Kashmir Valley, Mr Parthasarthy said, ”I do not believe in buying peace with the appeasement of separatism.” Supporting the cause of Panun Kashmir, the veteran diplomat advised, ”Never ever give up and keep educating succeeding generation about the heritage of Kashmiri Hindus.” Internet is a great medium to make your voice heard and you people can keep your movement alive through websites, he added.