Sanjay Suri Wants Employment And Prosperity In Kashmir

Bollywood actor, Sanjay Suri who hails from Kashmir says that more numbers of filmmakers should choose the state for their movie locations as it will boost “employment” and “prosperity”.

“I hope more films are made in Kashmir. I hope the local authorities can provide enough security there so that people can come and go without any fear. It will also bring a lot of employment and prosperity and films are no doubt a great medium for that,” Sanjay Suri told.

“I’d love to go back here. There are no films being made on Kashmir so someday I might make one myself,” he added.

Elaborating his statement, Sanjay Suri said, “It is at the back of my mind but I don’t think I am qualified for direction etc. So maybe I’ll start with writing first but it’s really a distant thing as I am only focussing on acting right now”.

Sanjay Suri visited Kashmir after 18 years for the shooting of his latest flick Sikandar which reminded him of the time he spended there.

“I had not gone back there for 18 years, but the film did give me an opportunity to go back… it gave me an opportunity to confront my past… it was a whole catharsis process that happened and I’m glad I did go back”, the actor said.

“Though on a personal level it was tough, on a professional level it was ironic… when I left the place, I used to hate the politicians… and when I returned I was playing one for the film. It was a homecoming, but a lot of things have changed,” he explained.

Talking about his latest release Sikander, the actor said, “I was excited to do the part the moment I was offered the role by director Piyush Jha and what helped me was that I was from the region. On the script level, Piyush also took suggestions from me”, he said.

Sanjay Suri told that they did not face any trouble while shooting for Sikander but as soon as they left the Amarnath issue happened. “In fact, when we wrapped up and left Kashmir, the Amarnath issue started and later there were problems”.