Sanjay Suri & Onir use Facebook to ascertain right release period for ‘I AM’

It’s known to all and sundry that Sanjay Suri and Onir have made their new film I AM by raising funds from a social networking site [Facebook]. In fact, the duo has always shared the progress and achievement of the film with their co-investors across the globe. Now that the film is complete and awaiting an early release, Suri and Onir have gone back to the people on Facebook to finalize the release date.

Let me explain. Suri and Onir’s staus on Facebook reads: ‘Are you interested in watching the World Cup or the IPL?’ What’s interesting is that the producers have decided to release their film only after ascertaining the feedback. The response, according to Suri, tilts towards World Cup. “IPL has a lot of glamour attached to it and is likely to make a dent in film business. As far as World Cup is concerned, the common consensus is that if we choose a date when vital matches are not played, the theatrical business won’t get affected. However, we are still to lock the [release] date,” Suri states.

The social networking sites have truly come as a blessing for people who want an instant feedback. Right, Suri and Onir?