Sanjay Suri – Now as a militant turned politician

Sanjay Suri is suddenly back in news in a big way. Over the Friday gone by he was seen in ANUBHAV which got some recognition mainly due to his presence in the film. Though the film is pretty much a wipe off, Sanjay Suri has a lot to look forward to in weeks to come. That’s because due to the strike being finally off, his SIKANDAR is now gearing up for release this month. Directed by Piyush Jha, the film was almost ready for release before the stand off between producers and multiplexes kick started due to which there was a sudden halt in the film’s promotion.

Now the film is being revived and one looks forward to what SIKANDAR has to offer, especially since Sanjay plays a reformed militant in the film. Also, his character’s actions are said to be of nebulous nature. Can he elaborate?

”Yes I play a reformed militant leader who is a politician and runs his own party. He is a man who is trying to bring about peace in the region and the one who brokers peace between the separatist and the Government”, elaborates Sanjay. As Mukhtaar, Sanjay’s character commands respect in the valley and is seen as the future leader of the area.

Well, how about the ‘nebulous’ bit?

”Well, for God’s sake I play a politician”, jokes Sanjay, ”Need I say more?”