Sanjay Suri: Notes from Kashmir

Actor Sanjay Suri is currently shooting in his ‘hometown’, Kashmir. The man who lost his father and more there, is returning to the state after 18 long years. Once there, he writes to BT a lovely note, the title of which reads, ‘Going back home without a place to stay !’. Sanjay pens down his thoughts. “I am going home after 18years. I wonder why I still call it “My home”. Maybe because no other place could give me that feeling of belonging, that identification… Considered to be a ‘migrant’ somewhere or a North Indian somewhere else, and sometimes even a ‘Refugee’! But that still doesn’t answer my own question of why the Valley still feels like home.

“Is it really home or is it just memories of home, my childhood, my family, my orchids, my lakes, my rivers, my playground, my chinars…? I don’t know if I am happy to be back after all these years. Maybe I should let it remain only in my memory, a lost chapter in our lives. The people I knew don’t live here anymore. Nah, it’s not the same. That playground has no players I know.

“I believe that nature moves ahead and one should not look back but then that ‘back’ is where our identity comes from. Yet, I hope I find my way back (home?) stronger and happier.”