Sanjay Suri: Maddy and I missed Jimmy in SIKANDAR

Seven years back, the trio of Sanjay Suri, Madhavan and Jimmy Sheirgill had come together in Ananth Mahadevan directed romantic musical entertainer DIL VIL PYAAR VYAAR (2002).

Circa 2009: Sanjay Suri and Madhavan would be seen together again in Piyush Jha directed SIKANDAR, though on opposite side of the fence. Set in Kashmir, the film sees Sanjay enacting the role of a politician while Madhavan plays an Army officer.

Since Sanjay reunited with Madhavan years after DIL VIL PYAAR VYAAR, it must indeed have been nostalgic times, right?

“It was wonderful to act with him again”, says Sanjay with genuine admiration for Madhavan, “Maddy is damn easy going and fun to work with since he is a true professional and a very talented actor. We did miss Jimmy being there though. Three of us had a lot of fun during DIL VIL PYAAR VYAAR. Just like I missed Maddy while working with Jimmy in Onir’s BAS EK PAL, it was a similar situation shooting for SIKANDAR too. Wish Jimmy was there with us!”

Since Maddy and he are pitted against each other in SIKANDAR, it must have been a different experience altogether when compared to DIL VIL PYAAR VYAAR where they had almost become a musical ‘jodi’.

Laughs Sanjay, “Well, due to the very fact that Maddy plays an Army Officer in the film and I pay a politician, you can well imagine the undercurrents. Both of us have quite a few scenes together and I can tell you it was wonderful doing those scenes.”