Sanjay Suri is wiser on sex…

… after what Jason Lewis of Sex and The City told him on the sets of My Bollywood Bride

Guess what Sanjay Suri asked Jason Lewis of the Sex and the City fame when they met on the sets of My Bollywood Bride? “How do you do the sex scenes in front of the camera?” Predictable, huh? But you can’t blame Sanjay. When you have someone who will be seen romancing Kim Catrall for his Sex serial as your co-star, what else do you ask?

“Jason was only 19 when he did that as a model. The first time was a nightmare for him. Both of us discussed that it’s easier to do such scenes while one is single. But once into a relationship, there are more issues to handle. His tip for me was: Make your co-star comfortable, talk to her at length before shooting. Then it becomes just a professional assignment. Moreover if there is a basic honesty in the real-life relationship of an actor, doing sex scenes on screen isn’t a problem,” Sanjay proudly shared his newly-acquired tip.

Does his role as an upcoming actor in this film opposite Neha Dubey require him to use this tip? “We have a cute love story without sex scenes. Even my next film titled So What Chalta Hain doesn’t have any! It’s a romantic, adventure comedy with kids to be shot in Scotland,” he lamented.

Tips apart, Suri had a great time shooting with Jason. “He has watched my film Plan during his flight to Mumbai. MBC sees him playing a lover-boy and a writer. His love for a Bollywood star brings him to the industry. That’s where he meets my character. Shooting a drunken scene with him was such fun that we would joke saying that it’s time we renamed the film as My Bollywood Groom!”

Well, now that’s like another food for thought!