Sanjay Suri gets emotional during his Kashmir visit

Sanjay Suri originally hails from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He had lost his father to a terrorist’s bullet in Kashmir when he was very young. His family then migrated to Delhi from Kashmir during the times when the terrorism in the state went on a further rise. After his initial modeling stint in Delhi he came to Mumbai to try his luck in films.

It has almost been more than a decade now that he is settled in Mumbai and a good 15 years since he had gone back to his ‘real home’ in Kashmir. But very recently he got a chance to shoot for a film in Kashmir and he could not stop himself from visiting his actual house there. He took a day off and went to see his old house. After the Kashmiri Pandit exodus from Kashmir, their houses were taken over by local Muslims and Sanjay’s house too was included in that. A different family was staying there now. “Sanjay got very emotional and just could not stop his tears when reached his old house.” a close pal of Sanjay told us. -(SAMPURN)