Sanjay Suri: Birthday boy!

Actor Sanjay Suri, who recently got a lot of acclaim for his performance in ‘My Brother Nikhil’, turned another year older recently. But getting in touch with the birthday boy on his special day was indeed quite a task. But when we did, we were surprised to find out that Sanjay had been busy attending meetings all day long. Like he said, “Ya, it’s been a busy day. But it’s good that way.

Because going by the popular belief, what you do on your birthday, you do for the rest of the year. So it’s good that I’ve been busy today.” We asked him about his birthday resolution and he told us, “I’m looking forward to do some kick-ass work and hope to do a lot of travelling.” So one can be sure – that this guy’s hoping to go places, eh? Bon voyage, Suri!