Sanjay Suri: Africa calling!

What is Sanjay Suri up to? He’s shooting for Mahesh Manjrekar’s film for one, and also, he’s still gung-ho about My Brother Nikhi (MBN)l. Sanjay tells us, “I know it’s a film that has come and made its mark and that I should move one, but what can one do if your baby is still winning awards?” MBN only recently won an award at the African ICASA Conference. Sanjay says, “I am so happy that our film has served a purpose which goes truly beyond box-office collections. It has changed perceptions, views and helped in removing stigma towards HIV. Winning an award in Africa is a great achievement since they are the ones who could actually reject the film and use the logic which our film makers use: that audiences want escapist cinema since they already have so much pain in their lives. But considering the fact that Africa has been the most affected with Aids, they have loved and awarded our film.” Phew, kudos to the entire team of MBN once again.