Role call keeps Sanjay busy

It is not easy to gauge his persona as both solace and ripples resurface in tandem. Perhaps the lesson of life reflects in his sombrely appeal that caught us in Daman, Filhal and Pinjar. Also what charms us equally is the understated exuberance of an upcoming talent in Jhankar Beats.

Chandigarh Times upcloses with model-turned-actor Sanjay Suri who was in town with the co-stars of Shaadi Ka Laddoo.

“Acting is easy, only the levels are difficult. Acting is within us. We do it all the time effortlessly, especially when we lie,” smiles Suri. “I might have a serious image but I like to joke around. Though I started with modelling that wasn’t essentially ramp and fashion, commercials required acting too, for three seconds! Alas now cricketers have thrown us out!” he lets his funny bone take an edge.

Having experimented with various roles in a span of five years in the film industry, the actor has still not conformed. “I don’t want to succumb to herd mentality and be an insignificant part of the crowd. I would rather be a big fish in a small pond,” reasons Suri who has Pritish Nandy Communication’s Ashk and an untitled English film up his sleeve.

“Indians do not support serious cinema and it is sad that the youth is desensitised completely. The crisis does not stir them any more and only the make believe candy floss on the celluloid appeases them momentarily,” feels the actor who perhaps himself has an indelible mark of pain interwoven with life that forced him to abandon homeland Kashmir more than a decade ago when his father was shot at by militants. “We need sensible cinema. As it is we are loud people and accept exaggerated emotions on the screen. We also like aggression because we want to escape from real life turmoil,” he avers. “I tell the director that you don’t have to make everybody happy because you can’t. It is better to target the audience instead. Thanks to the multiplex trend, target-specific cinema is emerging,” adds the actor who believes that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. We wish you luck!