Onir and I have formed a team: Sanjay Suri

He has been the slow but steady winner all along – taking life As it comes, giving his best to all his film roles, capitalizing on his good looks and some sensitive performances. Sanjay Suri’s newest release Say Salaam India just hit the screens last week. Despite moderate hits Sanjay Suri has not got his due. Does that bother him? Find out in an exclusive chat with him for hindustantimes.com.

Another film on cricket?

It does revolve around the game of cricket but there is a deep underlying emotive chord that runs through the film.

Isn’t it sad that just because we’ve lost in the Cricket World Cup, the film has lost all its appeal?

I really feel that the film should have been promoted well or may be, even if it did release any other time other than the World Cup season, audiences would have connected more with the film.

Are you also a cricket buff?

Like most Indians I do follow the game with a passion but I don’t play the game. I am a fitness freak and do play other sports though.

Was it difficult to play the slightly eccentric coach then?

No since I play other games I knew I had to display passion for the game. Also, the director Subhash Kapoor knew exactly what he wanted, which becomes easier for the actors for them to follow instructions. My character Hari Sadu may be eccentric but he knows precisely what the game of cricket needs the most. I was told that his passion had to come through. I think I have been able to portray it the way my director wanted me to.

Your character, Hari Sadu also has a special child, a physically challenged son, Rustom, whose instincts about the game prove to be just right.

I am glad you brought this up. That’s a very sensitive issue in the film which I hope doesn’t go unnoticed. Yes, the special child Rustom’s instinctive reactions to the game are always right because he too follows the game with a passion. The couple (Sandhya Mridul plays his wife) dotes on him and would do anything to please him. In a way, the film takes up another issue of such special children and deals with it very perceptibly and cautiously.

Are you also doing Onir’s next film?

Onir and I have formed a team and wish to produce good films in future but as of now, nothing has been finalized. His next film which was supposed to be Karishma Kapoor’s come back film but it’s been delayed.

You believe in being slow and steady?

I like the slow pace for sure. I would like to do more films but the films cannot be merely to increase count. I am only interested in quality films. I have been told that romantic films suit my screen image more by some of my fans. Let’s see, I might pay heed to their advice and do more such roles but personally, I want to do a wide variety of film roles.

Does the failure of a film upset you?

I take it in my stride. I believe what’s my due, will come to me sooner or later. If a film flops there are other films to look forward to. My two forthcoming films Anubhav and Kabhi Up Kabhi Down should get released by June and July this year. Harry Baweja’s Speed is almost ready and I am excited about their releases.