Looking the part

Sanjay Suri, I AM

Right from his early days in the industry, Sanjay Suri has been the typical denim-tee guy. It was this image that he wanted to change with I AM. He sports long, dishevelled hair, an ear stud and wears slightly oversized clothes and different coloured socks on each foot. “I wanted to have a look that I hadn’t tried earlier. Besides, the look is in sync with the character who is urban, well-to-do, ambitious, creative and footloose,” says Suri. Aki Narula, the stylist for Suri, gave him a quirky look to show his vulnerability and flamboyance at the same time.

“Through the look, I wanted to extract a certain amount of softness and sensuality, considerable charm combined with edginess. The different coloured socks was to resemble that a person is vying for attention.” — Onir, director