I am not bothered about awards

Actor Sanjay Suri talks about doing good cinema, his wife and dreams of working with Kajol

What remains most memorable about ‘Bas Ek Pal’?

The scene where I am released from jail had nothing dramatic about it. However, it subtly conveyed the meaning of freedom.

Despite being a good actor why has your career been inconsistent?

Actually, it’s rock steady. You didn’t see me too much of me because I was abroad the whole of last year with ‘My Brother Nikhil’ (‘MBN’) being screened at various festivals. I wanted to cherish that experience.

Were you hurt when you did not win any award for ‘MBN’?

Initially, I was because I had hopes. However, after the first list of nominations was announced, I nixed my expectations. I told myself to stop hoping because each time a nomination list would be announced; I’d end up being disappointed.

I don’t know what it takes to get awards or the kind of performances that are appreciated here. Now, I am not bothered.

Why did you start your production company with Onir?

We decided to do our kind of cinema even as we do what others have to offer. We wanted to make films that touch the heart.

Is this your way of creating your own camp?

Ours is a camp with no walls. Everyone is welcome to join it.

Why hasn’t good friend Karan Johar cast you in his films?

You should ask him. But I don’t expect that. Friendship and profession are different areas. I also know that when there is a worthwhile role, Karan will approach me . He will never under-utilise me.

What does your wife think of you as an actor?

My wife is psychologist and her perceptions have always been helpful. She has accompanied me to ten festivals. ‘MBN’ would have never been possible without her. After the screening, she would be on stage with me. When people asked me, ‘Are you gay?’ I’d answer, ‘Here is my wife’.

Do you see your wish of working with Kajol ever being fulfilled?

She recently did ‘Fanaa.’ I still have the desire to do a film with her.