‘I am not a serious actor’ – Sanjay Suri

MUMBAI: Sanjay Suri’s power packed role in My Brother Nikhil has had a far more serious impact than any other role played by him in his career span of over eight years. “I don’t mind being taken seriously, but My Brother Nikhil is the only serious character I have ever played. So before typecasting me as a serious actor, people should recollect my role in Jhankaar Beats, which was far from serious,” says Suri.

He further adds, “I am not unhappy with this serious actor image. In fact it is helping me create a niche audience for myself and in broadening the base of my loyal fans. Above all this, if my audiences do perceive me as a good actor they will be open to whatever I present to them.”

After the release Say Salaam India, which went unnoticed, Suri is now gearing up for the release of his first international crossover film My Bollywood Bride. In this film he plays a small time actor friend of the biggest Bollywood actress essayed my Kashmeera Shah.

What’s more, he even shared screen space with Ash Chandler (Friends) and Jason Lewis (Sex in the City). “Ash and Jason would be present for the script reading sessions, they helped us with their inputs and worked as a team. It was a nice experience working with them. It was a good opportunity for me to be a part of this fun film,” he says.

My Bollywood Bride was shot in 2004, just before Suri’s My Brother Nikhil. However, it is releasing in India three years later in 2007 because the film’s primary target audience was the West, says Suri. The film was premiered at the 17th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.

After this actor character in My Bollywood Bride, Suri will follow it up with another fun role in Raman Bharadwaj’s Kabhi Up Kabhi Down with Perizaad Zorabian, which is due for release in July.