Father, dear father…

Uday Chopra: The relationship I share with my father Yash Chopra is a lot like the one Shah Rukh had with Anupam Kher in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. We are the best of friends and, whenever we are together, it’s party time! What I admire most about Dad is his easy-going attitude towards life, which reflects in his films. A true romantic, he has told me to follow my heart.

Riya Sen: Contrary to what most people feel, it was my father Bharat Dev Varma, more than my mother Moon Moon Sen, who encouraged me to follow a career in films. My father is my biggest supporter and sincerest fan. Whenever I am In Kolkata, he treats me like his little princess!

Sanjay Suri: I lost my father Virinder Suri when I was 19, but he still lives on in my memory. The biggest lesson he taught me was to respect people, irrespective of their status or background. Spirited, jovial and full of mirth — these are the images which cross my mind when I think of my father.

Arbaaz Khan: Whether it is Salman, Sohail or myself, all of us share a cordial relationship with our father Salim Khan. We aren’t exactly buddies with Dad in that we maintain a certain distance. However, my father is my pillar of strength. From him, I have learnt that it is acceptable if I can’t make anyone happy, but I should never make anyone unhappy.

Amrita Rao: What I admire most about my father Deepak Rao is that he is a self-made man. He is particular about little things; even now, when I am out partying with friends, the curfew time is 9 pm! Though he seems like a disciplinarian, he has always supported my decisions.

Mukul Dev: My father Hari Dev isn’t strict, but I am in awe of him. He was with the police and I grew up seeing his courage. My father is my hero in real life and he has inculcated the importance of courage in both Rahul and me.