Cover up!

Sanjay Suri and wife Ambika find themselves between the covers of Marie Claire.

Actor Sanjay Suri and his pretty wife Ambika are vying for attention. Along with the sizzling Jennifer Lopez, Melanie C and Pamela Anderson. All between the covers of the latest issue of Marie Clarie’s UK edition.

In an article titled ‘Love in Different Climates’, they talk about how Indian culture has shaped their attitude about relationships and sex.

Others featured in the article are from countries like Hungary, Puerto Rico, Mozambique and Sweden. ‘‘A friend of mine put the writer Roshan McArthur in touch with me,’’ says Suri. ‘‘I believe she was looking for a young couple, who have been together for a while and at least one person had to be a celebrity of sorts.’’ And Suri and his 22-year-old wife fit the bill.

When the pair were approached, it was Ambika who was more kicked about the interview. ‘‘Sanjay wasn’t very excited. I guess, it was because he’d never buy a Marie Claire,’’ she jabbers. ‘‘I studied in London for about five years and this was a mag I would pick up very often. So, I was more aware of the magazine’s reach.’’

The questions in the one page article range from the regular ‘How did you meet’ to ‘How did you first find out about sex’ and are common to the five couples. ‘‘What made this interview interesting was the fact that in about five questions, we had to try and explain not just our attitude about sex and love but also how the Indian culture affects it.’’

So, when asked about the Indian culture’s attitude towards sex, Ambika’s reply is, ‘‘Although pre-marital sex obviously happens, it’s looked down upon and nobody talks about it. People prefer to ignore it. I hope my generation is more open about sex, to make people more aware of what they’re doing.’’

Though Ambika doesn’t believe in ‘looking down upon pre-martial sex’, she said so ‘to give an insight into the Indian mindset’.

‘‘For me, as an actor who is still looking for his place in the sun, to be picked by a slick mag of this stature is very encouraging,’’ admits Sanjay.