Jhankaar Beats

Comedy, Musical, Romance

The jobs of “Sholay” obsessed Deep and Rishi are on the line with their advertising firm if they do not come up with a one-liner for Mr. Roy’s condoms. While Deep resides with his pregnant wife, Shanti, and a daughter, Muskaan; Rishi has separated from his wife, Nicki, and depends on Shanti for meals, apprehending a bitter divorce. When the time comes close to delivering her child, Shanti’s mom moves in them temporarily, much to the chagrin of Deep. Shanti would like Nicki and Rishi to meet and patch-up their differences, however, Rishi knows that Nicki is having an affair with her attorney, and is not inclined in this direction. The main obsession for Deep and Rishi is Bollywood’s music maestro, Rahul Dev Burman; and ‘Jhankaar Beats’ a contest they had competed to win in vain. With the deadline for Mr. Roy’s one-liner closing in, Rishi gets an offer to work in America, jeopardizing any chance the group may have for competing in the upcoming ‘Jhankaar Beats’.



Sanjay Suri who displays remarkable comic timing and ample sincerity in making Deep’s character an intensely memorable one.

– Tanuj Garg, Afternoon paper

Greet the Beat ! Spot on performance from Sanjay Suri.

– Udita Jhunjhunwala, Mid Day, Mumbai

Sanjay Suri is excellent. Jhankaar beats is a must watch.

– Screen

Sanjay Suri, as Shanti’s husband, Deep, is brilliant. He is calm and matches perfectly with the role as married man and father. His acting is excellent also.

– Bhushan Parulekar (www.indianest.com)

Sanjay Suri, as Shanti’s husband, Deep, is brilliant. His acting is excellent also.

– Avinash Ramchandani (www.planetbollywood.com)

Sanjay Suri is an actor who has never got his due from bollywood and turns out another balanced and excellent performance.

– Faiz Khan (www.thehotspotonline.com)


Cast and Credits


Sanjay Suri – Deep
Rahul Bose – Rishi
Juhi Chawla – Shanti
Rinke Khanna – Nicki
Riya Sen – Preeti

Sujoy Ghosh
Suresh Pai
Vishal Shekhar
Sound Design
Mazhar Kamran
Sujoy Ghosh
Co producer
Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd. (Pritish Nandy, Rangita Pritish Nandy)
Other Credits